Simpex Professional 800 LED Video Light Extra Bright Dual Colour Light kit with Power Adapter | Simpex Light Stand

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You might be a professional filmmaker or just hobbyist who are looking for best LED lights for video production. In this modern photography and filmmaking age where lots of LED light equipments are available it’s very important that you select the best continuous lighting for video production which gives you all the flexibility and professional quality video.

Simplex 800 LED Video light has 800 LED with dual color tone 5600K and 3200K or mix. It an essential part in your video and photography if you really want a professional look in your work. The best thing with this LED light is it has a dual knob which helps you set white and orange light independently. You can have mix light too.


Voltage: DC6-17V | Power: 12W | Average Life Span: 30000h | Lumens:1440 | Illumination: 1M:1400Lux;2M:350Lux;3M:200Lux | Color Reading Index :0-90% | Filter Installation: Magnetic Pickup | Cooling Mode: Natural Ventilation | Color Temperature : 3200K-5600K | Beam Angle: 60 | Switch of color Temperature: White and Yellow Filter | Applicable Scope: Photo / Video.



Maximum Height: Aprox 8 Feet | Minimum Height: 4 Feet | Maximum Load Capacity: 2.5Kg, 9.9 lbs| Closed Length: 805mm, 32.2 Inches | Footprint Diameter: 925mm,37.8 Inchs | Mounting Stud: 5/8 Inches

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