Simpex Trilite- Softbox Kit With 6 CFLs and 2 Stand (Complete Set)

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Simpex CFL softbox lighting kit is our HOT selling item for those who are just entering into video making and looking for youtube lighting kit and tight on budget. This cfl video lighting kit comes to rescue, Simpex video light kit already has everything to full fill your video lighting need, Its combined with 6X CFL.

and the best think with this cfl video light is it cab be fitted with any softbox too, So if you are looking for CFL video light wth softbox this is the light for you

CFL video light kit feature:-

  • Simpex three light CFL softbox lighting kit
  • 6500K 30 Watt 6 X CFL tubes.
  • Flicker free CFL are beast suited for professional quality video making.
  • Trilight video light is used in video making and any kind of photography.
  • These CLF are day light balance which means you don’t have to color correct your photo or video after.
  • Simpex trilight CFL are cool light opposite of Halogen video light which are hot and swat your subject and makes your model uneasy

Item contains:

2X Simpex CFL video Trilight

2X 60CM Softbox

6X 30Watt CFL tubes

2X 30cm reflective dome

2X 5mtr AC cable

2X mid placement disk

2X light stand

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