Simpex 222 Tripod

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Whether it a close up, wide-angle or a normal shot, a tripod is a very useful tool that helps you adapt to those tricky angles and corners effortlessly. The Simple 222 tripod accommodates your camera to give you stability and control during photography. 
Sturdy Build
The Simpex tripod features a 3-way precision to let you tilt, separate and swivel the camera. With this feature, the tripod makes the camera move along an axis without changing the rest of the settings. It is ideal when you want to capture scenic landscapes. The tripod is built of aluminium with an oval section for durability and stability. 
Size Matters
This Simpex tripod has a lightweight design and folds down compactly, making it portable. 
With a maximum height of 1350mm when opened and 520mm when folded, this tripod is just right to set the perfect angle for every shot. The tripod weighs 1040 grams and can hold up to 3000 grams. So what’s on your mind? Shoot wildlife, nature, cars or portraits with greater stability with the Simpex 222 tripod.

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